Breakfast Menu

See below our new Winter Breakfast Menu – launched 7th May 2019

Breakfast is available every day from 7.30am – 10.30am (excluding WA Day Public Holiday)


  • The Big Breakfast (GFO) – fried free range eggs, bacon, Irish pork chipolatas, potato hash, grilled tomato and toasted italian bread $24
  • Fried Chicken and Maple Bagel – Mascarpone, speck bacon, waffle croutons and micro herbs $21
  • Chilli Speck Bacon (GF) – Potato and pumpkin hash, red pepper pesto, poached eggs and hollandaise $22
  • Vegan Rice Porridge (VN, GF) – Enoki and field mushrooms, tempe, wake, sriracha, green onions and fried shallots $15
  • Vege Stack (V, GF) – Eggplant, roma tomatoes, haloumi and peas with poached eggs and hollandaise $19
  • Baked Bircher Muesli (V) – Raspberry, coconut and vanilla mascarpone $12
  • Bacon and Eggs (GFO) – Two free range eggs (poached, fried or scrambled) with bacon on italian bread $14
  • Eggs and Toast (GFO) – Two free range eggs (poached, fried or scrambled) with toasted italian bread $12


  • Italian Bread $5.5
  • Traditional Grain Loaf $7
  • Organic Fruit Sourdough $7.5
  • Gluten Free Buckwheat Sourdough (GF) $8
  • Grilled Tomato $3
  • Grilled Bacon $6
  • Irish Pork Chipolatas $5
  • Potato Hash $3
  • Crushed Avocado $4
  • Huon Smoked Salmon $7
  • Roasted Field Mushrooms $4
  • Wilted Spinach $3
  • Hollandaise Sauce $2
  • Extra Egg $3

Please Note: this menu is up to date as of 7th May 2019.


Please refer to this website for updated information on our menus and specials – we do not take any responsibility for specials and menu items advertised on third party websites.