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The competition is on – for the best Steak Sandwich in town! VOTE HERE

The Australian Hotels Association is currently running the WA Steak Sandwich Competition and we’re in the running with our new recipe Steak Sandwich.

Barbecued Sirloin, continental bacon, pickled onion, cucumber and kale salad, Monterey Jack cheese and truffle aioli on a toasted panini – now available for lunch & dinner with beer battered chips ($25)

We’d love for you to try it – and hopefully be convinced we deserve your vote! Either vote ONLINE or fill in the Voting Form at The Left Bank and hand it to one of our staff members. Voting ends 17th April!

We’ve already had a couple of people around town try our new Steak Sandwich – and the feedback has been pretty good 🙂

Pete from mix94.5 tried the Steak Sandwich – watch his verdict!

Or see the tasty picture from Blogger Inexology and InFreo


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